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Tihar Celebration

Tihar Celebration

Tihar- the festival of lights- holds a flourishing impact on the people at large.

We, at Nirvana Academy celebrated Tihar with performance of all students ranging performance from PG to Grade X in the form of Deusi- Bhailo. We’ve been doing this as a ritual since our day of inspection.

Just 2 days before Laxmi Pooja, in the post- lunch session children come in different clusters dancing on popular tunes of the Deusi- Bhailo songs. It was a scene so spell-bounding to the eyes that our expression fell short of words to emote.

The sel-roti and sweet cake that school management offered them was like a souvenir of love to them as they took the eatables with grinning faces expressing content.

Festivity spreads the expression of joy everywhere and at Nirvana Academy the giggle and laughter of kids gives us an aura of happiness.

May the light of


Shower blessings of

Luxuriant and Prosperous

Growth to all of you!!