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The Nirvanian Game Show

The Nirvanian Game Show

The Nirvanian Game Show

—Sharpens Your Wit—

More a celebration than a competition


The mirth, laughter & enthusiasm amongst the Nirvanian students on the day of The Nirvanian Game show that is on the 7th & 8th of November 2018 (Thursday & Friday was overpowering).The ambiance overwhelmed to the highest degree. Infact, it looked more like a celebration than a competition.

The Inter- House Game Show a competition held in 4 clusters, viz; Lower KG & Upper KG clubbed in one Grades IA & IB in to the other  & Grade II & III were categorized as one separate group.

The Game Show incorporated such segment which was a blend of fun game & poker of their wits.

Especially, the shopping spree segment & the Treasure Hunt round were a Hit & the most popular ones which house was winner or loser doesn’t matter much but all that matter is the audience satisfaction & the fulfillment of the contestant.

The Report says “The Nirvanian Game Show I fit to be called a Hit!”