Parents’ Teachers General Meeting_11th May, 2019

As the 2076 begins, the new journey takes place with the great view and idea on how Nirvana Academy is having a homely environment with Nirvanians. The general meeting held on 11th May 2019 showed the plans we implemented this year and what we will be doing so achieve more productive results in the upcoming future.

We would like to thank our former Ex Vice-Principal Mr. Vishnu Kumar for attending today’s meeting and giving his opinion and sharing his experience in Nirvana Academy with us.

Our Principal Dr. Tri Tuladhar  and Vice-principal Mr. Niranjan Adhikari explained about the child’s progress academically, socially and mentally with parents and teachers, also they shared some of their own experiences with us. They also encouraged others to make the optimum use of opportunities. The event organised today was a great success and it gave us a new strength to work harder and to prove that the ideas will be implemented with flying colors.

Three things are important Knowledge, Skill and the main part is your Attitude. In Nirvana we don’t focus only in studies and creativity also, we look after children’s attitude and their potentiality to handle things in smart way rather than hard way.