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Parents’ Teacher’ Meet On Tihar Eve

Parents’ Teacher’ Meet On Tihar Eve

An interaction so transparent and cordial under the shade of Tihar greetings should be the rightful comment for the Parents’-Teachers’ Meet/Result Distribution for Second term examination 2019 which was held on 26th of October, Saturday at the senior block of Nirvana Academy.

The turnout was superb though we had scheduled it from 8 A.M to 10 A.M and on top of that it was made mandatory for all students to accompany their parents/guardians. We had done this to develop a deep sense of responsibility in our students. We hold the opinion that students should know their real academic status and open discussion on all aspects involving parents, teachers and students could become instrumental to make them aware of the situation. We thank that all our students and their parents/guardians for making the PTM a success.

Following the above program we exchanged Happy Tihar Greetings among-st all our staff members. Then we had the grand lunch which was hosted by our female teachers and staffs. The delicacies served were mouth watering to the level of a party buffet. Before we signed of saying “Happy Tihar” once again, a breath taking lottery was held in which all of us in the alphabetical order of our names picked a chit from a box containing similar chit. The chits had the names of food items and consumer goods inscribed on them like, Basmati rice Pack, Tokla Tea Pack, Detergent Powder Pack, Jumbo Soft drink bottles, etc. All of us got them according to the inscription in the chit we had picked. The program was full of mirth, laughter and joy.

Happy Tihar Greetings!!

Nirvana Family