Dashain- An Insignia of Victory of Goodness over Evil.

The destiny of Evil is Defeat.

The destination of Goodness is Victory.

Mythology has set an Example.

Through Goddess Durga

Who kills the demon Mahishasur

Warring for Nine days.

So we celebrate the Tenth Day



In contemporary times, we need to follow the phenomenon set by our Mother Goddess & slain all evil practices to achieve an ambience of freedom from unnecessary trouble.

We have polluted our Mother Earth to the extent of catastrophes which have been inflating our ecosystem and consequently the risk of a massive disaster seems to be in the anvil. Before it’s too late, shouldn’t we realize and save Mother Earth because to save her is as good as saving our home.

In the context of Mother Nepal, all sorts of adulteration and corruption in our system have led us towards doom. Political instability, corrupt governance, drop in our character have made our people cry silently. We shouldn’t forget ” Silence speaks the most.” So will the silent tear of our Nepali mass break the iceberg one day…… & that day, all should be set right……… an aura of happiness should set in….. those strong hands of our Nepali mass should wipe the tears rolling down the cheeks of Mother Nepal.

Right Education will Enlighten us

Should be our Belief and Dedication..

O!! Mother Bhagwati Educate us

So that we free ourselves

from the clutches of Evil.

We are optimistic that jolly days will be our share one day

Hearty compliments for Bada Dashain.

The Voice of Nirvanians….