Life at Nirvana


We crave to strengthen our academic structure. We have had an intensified approach in this direction from the day of our inception in 1999.
We have a strong back up of trained and efficient teachers ranging from kindergarten to secondary school.
In the Kindergarten sector, we apparently form a fine blend of the traditional teaching technique and the modern method. Our teaching style is activity based with an added support of reading, writing and learning.
Kids are taken on field trips based on their course of study. Suppose, there is a chapter on wild and domestic animals. We take the kids to the Zoo so that they get a practical exposure to learn more about such animals.
To make the kids smarter ECA support is there with music and movement, Indoor and Outdoor games, fashion show, rhyme competition, Game show and much more.
From Grade I to X we lay more emphasis to conceptional learning process we avoid rote learning. To understand the lesson better we make the children get along with conceptualization of the subject matter. They are encouraged to understand understand the lesson and be ready to answer any type of question.
Practicals, project making and presentation and creative writing from a part of our teaching method besides text books.
A proportionate weightless is given to all the above ingredients and the result is fertile enough to make our academic structure story.
Our students have come up with flying colours in bigger examination at different places.
We follow the SEE curriculum under Nepal Board. We have attained 100% pass result with A+ and A grades in abundance.
It is a fact that our academic standard is above the general mark that has made us feel special among so many schools.
We shall always endeavour to line up to the mark and maintain a favourable aura for smart academe.


We indulge our students in co- curricular activities throughout the year and they are made to compete in different competition either intra or inter-school.
We have been trying to cultivate the creative potentials which lie embedded within them. Our Dramatics classes have acted as a story support to the students in this area.
The activities which have fall within our ambit are, story formation and writing, debate, spelling, quiz, recitation, elocution and so on.
In the recent past our students have been awarded in Inter-school competition. Such an honour has been given is an impetus to work further with a fresh zeal.


Our ECA faculty compress of sports, Martial arts, Music, Dance and Dramatics. We preferably make our students from Grade IV onwards. Specialise in some outdoor games like football and badminton. Among the indoor games our children specialize in chess.
In martial arts children are coached in Kathy and demonstration. In music and Dance we fill on a particular course of study designed for different levels. Dramatics is anew Subject introduced on an ECA. It is a course deigned to develop personality of students through creative thinking and writing, stage presentation, performance and speech training.
Dramatics has worked as an instrument hardy enough to produce smart kids ready to encounter various situation in life. Students take part in competition at intra and inter school level. They have won prizes and trophies on many occasions. We are looking to see their bright future in the days to come.


Nirvana Academy since its inception in 1999 has been operating from its school building at Kimdole, Swoyambhu.
We began as a play-school and developed in these years to a High School. We have two campuses. Play way school and kindergarten is separately encased in a block. Then from Grade I to IV has been accommodate in the attached building. We have Smart and cosy hall where in-house programs are conducted. There is enough open space for the kids to play and to recreate.
The administrative office holds a space which falls adjacent to the main building. Across the lane, we have an open space flanked by some rooms where our accounts section, meeting room and Kindergarten Activity rooms are situated.
The new building has the accommodation for grade V to X with an open space for activities. We have lavish computer lab, Science lab and Library equipped with updated facilities. For music, separate Music rooms are provided with equipped musical instruments to coach the students we have separate store rooms for grocery item, stationary and sports material.
In the cafeteria section, into the dining halls exist within a cosy ambience to suit the appetite of kids. The kitchen is maintained with required amenities where food(breakfast, snacks and meals) is prepared for students and staffs as well.
We at Nirvana Academy endeavour at every step to build a homelike cosy ambience where one loves to learn and teach as well.


Parents teacher meetings are held every three to four months in order in order to foster a healthy relationship between parents and teachers. These meeting provide an opportunity to parents as well as teachers to exchange thought and ideas.