Currently officiating from two campuses at Kimdole, Swoyambhu precisely opposite the landmark National History Museum, we at Nirvana Academy work from early morning till the twilight spell.
We have separate blocks for Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary school levels. Both the wings are flanked by playground and open courtyards. Additional to these, a spacious auditorium with a well- built stage is also a part of the infrastructure.

Play Group spreads in an area big enough for activities and nap time. The wall colour, tapestry and furniture have been selected keeping in mind the tiny toddlers. Adequate play materials have been provided. We have an attached bedroom for PG and NURSERY kids. The bedroom has been made cozy enough for the kids to take a nap after their lunch.
The classrooms of the kindergarten have been decorated with matching furniture and colourful posters coping up with their course of study.

A separate play area is designated for the Kinders. Toys and play materials matching their age group have been placed. There is an Activity Room for the Kinder where the kids get into varied practical learning processes.

Classrooms are designed to match the different levels. Wall hangings and posters displayed on the walls add to the luster.

There are 3 courtyards of different sizes. One is a badminton court, the other is a basketball and the third one is basically a portico.