Ever since its inception, Nirvana Academy has been a second home to every child who was enrolled for education and every teacher who imparted education. Our students and teachers have been family, which has contributed to fostering quality education, of both the head and the heart.

We aim to ensure learning is an interesting and enjoyable process. To ensure this, we have incorporated practical activities and dramatics into our system. At Nirvana Academy, we follow a conceptual way of teaching, backed by practicals activities in all major subjects, while dramatics contribute to personality development. The outcome of this method is extensively fruitful, as is evident from the conduct and creativity of our students.

On the weigh balance of Nirvana Academy, both -Academics and ECA and serve it to our students.
Similarly, modernity is the trend of today, but we certainly can’t rule out the value added qualities which traditional approach has in its fold. So in Academics too, we endeavour for the mixed approach. This makes learning very interesting as well as fruitful.

We cope up with changing time ritualistically. Enjoying such privileges a child feels cozy enough and with the passing time Nirvana Academy has become a favourite of many pupils.
A Nirvanian is also nurtured by the warmth of personal touch. Our class sections are kept confined to not more than two scores of children. This gives us the opportunity to be in close proximity to each individual child. As we know, nearness fosters a strong love bond so is our teachers- student contract which lasts on the virtues of love, share & care.
So to choose Nirvana as learning destination should be easy enough. That’s why Nirvana !!!

We have two separate wings- Kindergarten & Primary Levels & Secondary Levels
Both the wings have open courtyards for the children to play. In addition, we have a spacious hall which has sufficient playthings for the kinders. The hall serve yet another purpose- It is used for our events like quiz contest, debate, story telling contest, talk show etc. We do have a playground for outdoor games like football, badminton, kho-kho, mini athletic events, etc
We would like to mention specially that we own a 5 Ropani plot at Sitapaila where construction work has begun. We expect to officially operate from Sitapaila within a couple of years. We have plans to keep hostel accommodation in Sitapaila.

Kitchen & Dining Area:
We have a well managed Kitchen department with skilled staff to prepare hygienic food supplied by the school. Children are not allowed to bring outside food. Junk food is totally banned inside the school premises.
We take special attention to maintain quality food standard. There is a spacious dining area where our children can sit comfortably and have their food. Proper cleanliness is maintained here.

We have a spacious library with a huge stock of books classics, history, geography,
adventure, disaster, folk, music, sports -infact all sphere. The sitinga rrangement has been made cozy enough for readers.

Science Lab:
We have a well equipped Science Lab for Physics, Chemistry & Biology. One period a week for Science Practicals is mandatory for all classes from 5 onwards. Even the classes below 5 are engaged to understand the subject practically.

Computer Lab:
Each child is given an opportunity to use the computer. We provide the latest version of computer backed by different software to meet the practicals learning approach. Nirvanian enhance their capability from well trained teachers & new programs helps them to assure good understanding of technological concepts.

School Transportation is made available to those students who wish to avail it. We endeavour door to door serious / drop & pick the child to & from the nearest point as far as possible.
Each school van has an escort (school staff) to take care of children & also to ensure safety.