We follow a fine blend of Montessori and traditional method of teaching. The syllabus incorporates learning through text books and activities fixed in appropriate ratio.

E.C.A. includes Art & Craft, Music, Dance & Sports activities. They run simultaneously with Academics. Martial Arts in applicable from U.K.G., onwards.

Handwriting Classes: Handwriting Classes once a week from Grade I to VIII has been made mandatory for students. Trainees are hired specially to take up the aforesaid Handwriting Classes

Lower School:
Grade I, II, III – In these classes Grade Teaching System is applied under which a single teacher takes nearly all subjects debarring a few like, Nepali and Maths, etc.
This has been done to usher a close knit comprehension amongst the teachers and students for a consolidated output.

Middle School:
Grade IV, V, VI & VII – Classes are conducted by a Class Teacher at the pivotal point with Subject Teachers to add to the teaching genre.

Grades I to VII: Syllabus has advanced learning process so that our students avail an enhanced standard for the future external examinations like BLE & SEE (Basic Level Examination and Secondary Education Examination under Nepal Board)

High School
Grade VIII: They follow KMC DOE syllabus strictly.
Grade IX & X: It follows SEE (Secondary Education Examination) syllabus strictly.