Principal’s Message


Dr. Tri Tuladhar Principal

Please stay safe and healthy.  We humbly request you all to be socially responsible and please try to follow the government guidelines.   I understand, we may feel that the restrictions are sometimes very rigid, but these are unprecedented times and we all must do our best to minimize the spread of COVID-19 (Corona virus).  There are no political motives behind this but only national and global interest to protect its citizens.  As a school, we will try our best to follow the government guidelines and go beyond to ensure that all our teachers, staff and most importantly our students are safe.


To our all Nirvana Teachers and Staff,

We would like to ensure that school management will do everything we can to assist you in this time.   We are guided by the principle of our late founder, Mrs. Neera Singh Tuladhar and we live by her spirit where we all belong to the Nirvana family. Please contact any of our management team and our senior teachers, should you have any concerns and need any help.  We will ensure that we address your concerns to the best of our ability.


To all our Parents,

We understand that you all have concerns for your children’s wellbeing and studies.  Rest assured, we take this very seriously and it is our utmost priority to ensure the safety, health and education of our students are not compromised.  It is highly likely that this lockdown may extend further.  If this happens, we will discuss internally and see what best way we can to help with the studies of our students.


To all our Students,

Dear all SEE students; we understand that this is difficult for you.  You all have really worked hard and are ready to sit for the exams and get it done with.  We know, it is frustrating, but your health and safety are more important.  Please use this time wisely. It is a great opportunity to revise further and be more prepared and achieve much better results.


Dear students, this is a real time for you to be Nirvanian; to shine and fulfill your social responsibility.   Please try to follow government guidelines and advice others who are not following.   Maintain SOCIAL ISOLATION with friends whilst still maintaining good contact through communications and social media.  Please remember to take care of the elderly and keep them isolated because they are more prone to be affected by this virus.  Please make the use of this lockdown to revise on your studies and go online do something constructive.


We will discuss with your teachers in the coming days and see what best way our teachers can support your remotely.  We will update you as we move forward.



In the end, please be healthy and keep safe.  Please follow government guidelines.  It is BETTER TO BE SAFE than SORRY.  Hard and difficult times require drastic measures.  Keep yourself, family and loved ones safe.


Best regards,

Dr. Tri Tuladhar

24 March 2020