Principal’s Message


Dr. Tri Tuladhar Principal

Dear all,

It has been a privilege to serve as the Principal of Nirvana Academy and I am enjoying every bit of it.


As we look back, I feel, we have made very good progress and achievement this year both on the academic and ECA (extra-curricular activities). We have noticed encouraging changes in (i) the overall development of our students, (ii) healthy interactions between our teachers and parents and (iii) positive transformation in the school.   There are still more to go. Hopefully, together, we all as a team will achieve better in the coming days.

This year, the school has actively endorsed teachers and staff training program, introduced effective teaching methods, and promoted selective extracurricular activities, to ensure that we all can facilitate our students to become better Nirvanian with qualities such as

  • Promote high expectations; encouraging individual excellence.
  • Promote continue learning, encouraging perseverance.
  • Promote respect for others, encouraging integrity of characters.

On the academic side, our focus on implementing conceptual learning method, teaching by visual impact and introduction of dramatics (subject to harness the creative mind of our students) have been very well received.    Our new library, science lab and computer lab have been thoroughly utilised and enjoyed by all our students.

Our students have excelled in both academic and extra-curricular activities. This was clearly demonstrated in numerous intra and inter-school competitions where our students did remarkably well. Some of the highlights of this year are:

Intra School

  • The creativity and the technical skills were successfully demonstrated in Art and Craft (by Kindergarten- Grade 5) & Science Exhibition (by Grades 6 to 10) during Second Unit Test/ 3rd Evaluation PTM Day which was praiseworthy. Seniors also showed their practical science skills by demonstrating a successful demo of drone.
  • In Parents’ Day celebration, we were equally impressed by their public speaking and anchoring skills which made us grin with tears rolling down listening to their powerful and touchy delivery. Even the children of K.G & Grades 1,2,3 performed extremely well. The seniors were like professional anchors
  • Awareness of the current issues were well displayed through the school talk-show. This really demonstrates that our students can think and discuss the burning issues of today.
  • Sports day conducted this year also reflected the talent of students in track and field events.
  • Elocution debate, spelling competition, fashion show and many such events have provided a platform for our students to showcase their skill and have raised the confidence level.


Inter School

Throughout the session our students have participated in many events and have made significant achievements.

  • At the inter-school World cup quiz contest, our senior students went on to win second prize.
  • This year’s world cup is not complete without mentioning our own small achievement at “Inter School Mini-World Cup Futsal Tournament” where our Nirvana team came third and won the best player.
  • At the second Picasso Art competition, our junior student came second.
  • In the literary field also, our student’s creative skill was reflected in a national paper in the form of published article.

Wherever the opportunity arose, our students participated many events such as

  • First National School Team Chess competition- 2018
  • Inter School Recitation Competition
  • Second Art workshop & Exhibition in Elite’s Co-Ed School, Swoyambhu.
  • Fourth National & 1st International Budokaido Championship.
  • Kathmandu Metropolitan City Education Department resource Centre Dance competition.
  • International School Handwriting competition.

Overall, the academic achievement has been very positive and rewarding.  We are fully committed to keep focusing on further excelling our academic achievements in the days to come.

The era of just imparting knowledge from the books is not any more relevant in the 21st century.  The machines are getting smarter, more efficient and can do better than we human can do.  Our conventional education methods must change.  The things we have been teaching in the past were mainly knowledge based (book oriented).   We cannot expect our students to compete against modern and much smarter future machines with the knowledge of our old method (just learning based teaching).  The machines are faster, smarter and cheaper than us.  They can (i) store more information in their hard drive, cloud than our human brain, (ii) can retrieve information quicker than us, and (iii) perform task much faster than us.

So, what are other important set of skills we need, that can give us better edge and make us more valuable than machines in the future job market.  We must innovate in our teaching to equip our students with other new sets of skills (apart from just the text book knowledge) so that later in their lives, they can compete in the job market saturated with smart machines.

At Nirvana, we have been consistently working hard in trying to come with innovative and effective way of teaching our students to prepare for tomorrow’s world.  Along with our focus on academic excellence, we have been making subtle changes in our day to day teaching to equip our students with


These are what we call the SOFT SKILLS.  Text book knowledge will not teach you that and cannot be graded with traditional exam marks. These are all vital skills that our students need in the later stage of life.   It is also our firm belief that academic excellence alone is not a complete recipe for a successful future.   Rather than only learning in the class, to make it truly effective, these skills must be explored and experienced in practice.  Therefore, apart from our focus on excellent academic achievement, we have also highly emphasised on the personal development of our students.  Significant attention has been placed on equipping our students with all the necessary skills required for their latter stages of the university, personal/professional life and be successful globally.  We have been focussing on sports, music, dramatics, painting and art to make sure that apart from learning, our students gain all the soft skills necessary to prepare and differentiate them so that they are equipped with all the vital soft skills necessary for the future.

We have all noticed significant improvements in those vital skills in our students.  Some have marvelled to the top taking on leadership roles by organising and leading school clubs. These were clearly demonstrated during our recent school events.

As a teacher and staff, we have been impressed seeing overall improvement in performance, confidence, team spirit and communication skills and feel more confident that our kids are heading in the positive direction.

At this point, I would also like to also thank all our teachers, staff, parents and most importantly our students for being part of such a big “Nirvana Family” who all have worked tireless to make our students better.

Thank you again and I look forward to welcoming you all again with full of vigour, energy and excitement for the next new session.

Best wishes,

Dr. Tri Tuladhar