Principal’s Message


Dr. Tri Tuladhar Principal

Dear all,

It has been a privilege to serve as a principal of Nirvana Academy and I am enjoying every day of it. This has been a challenge and at the same time very rewarding to see some encouraging changes in the overall development of our students, healthy interactions between our teachers and parents and positive transformation in the school. It has indeed been a great honour to be working towards fulfilling the vision set by our late founder/principal Late Mrs. Neera Singh Tuladhar. Though she is not with us, the vision, framework and structures she had so diligently put together and built since its inception is still very much intact and alive. We are doing everything in our capacity to withhold her vision focusing on academic excellence and personal development.
It has now been little over a month for this academic year and I would like to highlight some of the changes and achievements during this period.
As I highlighted in earlier newsletter, apart from our focus on excellent academic achievement, we have emphasised on the personal development of our students. It is our firm belief that academic excellence alone is not a complete recipe for a successful future. This year, significant attention has been placed on equipping our students with all the necessary skills required for their latter stages of the university, personal/professional life and be successful globally.
We have promoted our academic and extracurricular activities and trainings that ensure all our students to be Nirvanian with qualities such as
(i) Promote high expectations, encouraging individual excellence.
(ii) Promote continue learning, encouraging perseverance.
(iii) Promote respect for others, encouraging integrity of characters.

Our senior teachers have taken active role in introducing and running extra sports activities which will not only harness the skills but more importantly improve personal development skills.
We have already introduced

(i) sports and

(ii) literary (English and Nepali) club.

These clubs are managed by Vishnu and Kundan sir respectively and run by our students. Many of our students have already taken active role in running their school clubs. We are also in the process of starting our

(iii) Science club where our enthusiastic students will be carrying out practical engineering/scientific projects.
Recently, our school sports club “Warriors Futsal Team” did pretty good in the Inter-School Futsal Tournament. More than the winning, I was very impressed with the personal development skills they have experienced and acquired during this journey where our students really showed good initiative, team work, leadership, mental attitude and learning from mistake.
Throughout the year, through scientific teachings and focused selection of extracurricular activities based on the individual needs, we intend to impart our students with skills and characters such as

  1. Good discipline and manners,
  2. Respect for the environment, community and nation,
  3. Can Do Attitude,
  4. Confidence and the ability to effectively express opinions,
  5. Leadership and teamwork,
  6. Decision making skills based on sound analysis and judgement and
  7. Effective time management and multi-tasking.

These are all vital skills, that our students need in the later stage of life. Rather than only learning in the class, to make it truly effective, these skills must be explored and experienced in practice . We have every intention to impart these vital skills through our ECA. In the coming days, our teachers will be evaluating each student and assign appropriate activities to harness the skills required.

This year we have made few changes in the academic curriculum. As highlighted during parent’s orientation days, the school has been focussing on conceptual learning method and where possible teaching by visual impact.

For the junior, from this year, our Barsha miss and her team have introduced a fine blend of Montessori and traditional method of teachings. We will be focussing on activity-based teaching along with text book learning. So far, this has been very well received and made the learning, fun and interactive for our kids with good personal development.
We have also introduced “Dramatics” from Grade 1 onwards. This course has been developed in-house by our Kundan Sir. The key objective of introducing “Dramatics” as a subject is to harness the creative mind set of our students. It’s a personality building process which inculcates “Om” utterance, Voicing exercises, Speech exercise, facial exercises, yoga, conceptual thinking, writing and presentation. We are laying equal emphasis to English and Nepali in Dramatics presentation.

We have recently revamped our library to a spacious place with a huge stock of books classics, history, geography, adventure, disaster, folk, music, sports. The sitting arrangement has been made cosy for readers. All our students now seem to be spending fair amount of their time there.

Science Lab:
Our science lab also went through changes this year. We now have well-equipped science lab for Physics, chemistry and Biology. All our students from class 5 onwards have been taking practical lesson in science.

Computer Lab:
We have also relocated our computer lab to new premise and added more computers. We have introduced computer classes from Grade 1. Our teachers are developing interesting course modules.

It is also equally vital that our teachers and staff are well equipped and trained to instil such skills and values in our students. We just introduced teachers training workshop in-house in April. Our teachers will be undergoing further relevant training throughout the years.

This is our first new website ( Our intention is to make this website a focal content hub where all relevant up-to-date information of the school can be found for the benefit of our students, parents, teachers and to the outside world. For a start, it is looking pretty good and I am sure, in due course, we will improve further with more relevant up-to-date information and contents. Soon, our students will also be running the school online newsletter. All our teachers have also been allocated dedicated email addresses. This will provide one extra means of communicating parents’ concern and issues. We would still encourage direct teachers-parents meeting also.
Finally, I look forward with great enthusiasm for the coming days and thank you all for being part of the Nirvana community. I am sure, we will all have a very fruitful year.

Best wishes,
Dr. Tri Tuladhar