Mission and Vision

Our Vision – Enlightement through Knowledge

Our Mission – Educate to accelerate nation’s development.

Learning never stops. It is a continuous journey and it’s in our intention to make it fun. So we pledge to remain committed to the journey.
Any individual, young or old, who is part of the Nirvanian family, carries the spirit inculcated in him by the vision and the mission of the school. For Nirvana, each and every step of life is a combination of hard work, dedication, perseverance and creativity.
All Nirvanians understand the fact that unless there is complete involvement in our work the path to achieve the vision and mission can’t be built. So, we are fully committed to it, otherwise to come up as an ardent Nirvanian becomes questionable. We do this in an effortless manner through our personality development and dramatics classes. We need is to produce students on whom the nation can be proud of.