Founder’s Message



This is our motto and we work hard to stick by it. Our target has always been in grooming the children by inculcating in them the moral values which is so necessary for their self-development. What I believe in is bookish knowledge is not going to give them complete education rather it could hinder in their personality development. We need to instil in them a great deal of moral values which will make them confident where ever they go and in all endeavours in their future. A child also needs to be creative and innovative so life for him will become meaningful. We wouldn’t want our children to grow up with a low sense of self-esteem. Here, we all are geared up and always striving hard to introduce a different kind of education that will help a child live up to the parents’ exception as well as their own pertaining to the grooming they receive from Nirvana. Apart from the kind of education they should get which is mentioned above they must also learn to live life practically. They are taught this skill through dramatics. So, like I said, our target is to educate our students to make them effortlessly able to create a platform for themselves.

I should not forget to mention that without the support of the entire teaching staff through their expertise and perfect teacher role model I would not have been able to fulfil my dream. I am also fully gratified to my management team along with the staffs in the administration sector, not to forget the support staffs as well. We the Nirvana family sincerely appreciate our most cooperative parents and guardians who through the smooth and rough journey have always stood beside us, supporting us, throughout.

Let us always join our hands together to help our students personify themselves through education. We must always keep an ardent belief that if we make a strong team we can never fail in reaching our goal.


Neera Singh Tuladhar