Facts and History

Situated under the shade of Lord Swoyambhunath divine solitude Nirvana Academy was established in 1999A.D.

It was a dream come true for Neera Singh Tuladhar, our Late Founder Principal. For her, nurturing children with ethics of learning was life’s sole vision. Her vision materialized in the form of a school, as Nirvana Academy.

Nirvana Academy carries the representation of that sprit in the knowledge it imparts to the students and the values which it instills in them.

Neera Ma’am started the school with just nine children in the play-group. As a mother of two herself- the challenge to nurture the students she has taken under her wings became a special calling. In the initial phase of the school, she was not only the Principal, but the cook as well, preparing the meals for children with her own caring hands. The nostalgia of that soft touch of our Late Principal Neera Singh Tuladhar still remains fresh and intact.

Over the years, Nirvana Academy has grown in size, expanding its tree of enlightenment. The travel which started from PLAYGROUP reached to secondary level in a span of almost two decades. We at Nirvana Academy believe that slow and steady wins the race. We were never in a hurry to upgrade to higher classes but rather spent time to build a strong foundation in the Junior classes.


Our first and second SEE batch in 2073 and 2074 BS respectively came up with flying colors and 100% success.

To keep our high academic standards intact, we brush up our teaching skill through training and orientation on regular basis. We are early adopters of modern techniques but never discard the conventional learning style completely. We believe that a superfine blend of both traditional and modern works better.

We look forward to grow even higher in the near future.